Spring is Coming!

Hope! I have hope that spring really is coming! Never mind that a month ago I saw Jonquils blooming. Those little darlings decided that life was way to cold and went back into hibernation. I cannot say that I blame them, I wish that I could hibernate too! Please, all of you in the northern climate don’t laugh at me. I am very thin blooded and I love my mild winters. Normally we get a little ice, snow or sleet and the next day it is gone. I admire those of you who can live where it is cold and survive ­čÖé

Anyway, back to my story. I saw the geese migrating last night! Not just one little group of them, oh no, there were large flocks of them. Multiple flocks, it gives me hope that maybe, just maybe, that this is the last of the cold that we will have for this winter season. Or, maybe they are just smart enough to leave ahead of the storm that is supposed to hit Arkansas this afternoon.

Snoopy Happy Dance

Snoopy Happy Dance

Spring is coming!

I am still working on binding, contemplating whether I need to go back and machine stitch the binding after I have hand stitched to make it more durable. Oh, the hard questions we face ­čÖé

Happy quilting!