Whoop Whoop Friday Finish

Happy Friday everybody!!! The weather has been absolutely gorgeous if not a little crazy right now, but I love it. Fall comes to visit us for a few days so we get a break from the heat, and then summer comes back for a day or so, then we go back to fall. I really love the cool days and nights that we have been having, and the return to the 90’s have been missing the humidity so the 90’s have been bearable.

I got the binding finished on the Leap Frog quilt, that makes the third quilt that I finished this month, and I am in line to finish one more before the month is over. After finishing that, I have one quilt that is in need of a binding and another one about to come off of the quilting machine that will need binding. Then I have 7 more quilts that I have batting pulled so I can piece the batting and get those quilted. I still have quilts ready to be quilted beyond those 7. Life is Good!


I really need to find a place to hang the quilts so I can get a better picture. This quilt is going to be a charity quilt for Quilts of Love.

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Happy Quilting! I hope you have a wonderful quilty day!



Wednesday Happenings

Hello, I hope you had a nice springlike day today! It was beautiful today and yesterday, it is supposed to rain tomorrow and then get cooler. I cleaned house this morning then there was time to play for a little while. I put my Leapfrog blocks on the design wall and arranged them to see how they look. I decided that I did not like the partial block on the corner so I am going to add one more row. I have five more blocks to make to have enough for the size that I want.

Leap Frog

Leap Frog

I need to figure out what colors need to be added and distribute those colors throughout the quilt. Please let me know if you see something that stands out and needs to be moved.

Happy Quilting!


Design Wall Monday

Not much sewing going on this week, but I got a little done while talking on the phone over the weekend. I completed some more blocks for the Leapfrog quilt. I need to get some end of the row pieces done and lay it out to see if it needs to be bigger.

New Leap Frog Blocks

New Leap Frog Blocks

Hopefully I will have enough blocks made this week to put the top together.

I hope you have a quilty week!


Fabric Happenings 3/22/15

A little progress was made on the Leap Frog quilt and cleaning up the sewing room. I also made some progress in getting the house back together. A few more days of doing both and I should be back to better than normal.

I cut some pieces for the Leap Frog and that was all the stash that went out this week. I made and attached a binding to another quilt but I used the leftover backing fabric for the binding so it was already counted. I now have two that needs the binding sewn down.

Here are my totals for the week. Not much but a little forward progress.

Fabric out .25 yards
Fabric in 0
Fabric out ytd: 39.37 yards
Fabric in ytd: 27.5 yards
Total 11.87 yards out

See Patchworktimes for additional stash reports.

Thanks for visiting and keep quilting!


Design Wall Monday 3/9/15

I got the pieces sewn together that I cut out earlier in the week. Here is the current state of Leap Frog quilt. I still need to rearrange the colors so they are distributed and make the partial blocks. There are more blocks off the left side. I also have not decided how big to make the quilt, because I struggle deciding how big I want to make the quilts that I am making for Quilts of Love.

Leap Frog Additions

Leap Frog Additions

I will be putting this aside for a little while to get the binding made and sewn on the Amish Diamond quilt and get the borders sewn on the Mock Trip.

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Happy quilting!