Happy New Year and Stash Report

I hope everyone had a great start to the new year last night. We did something we have not done in a while, we actually stayed up. We started out by playing games with our DS, until he called it quits and went home. Then we stayed up and watched TV, it was rainy and foggy and we are boring, what can I say ūüôā

I managed to use a little fabric over the last two weeks, but I also did some shopping. I think I did enough shopping to mitigate all of the usage that I have had this year. I filled some holes of things that I was short on and stocked up on more neutrals.

Here are my acquisitions. I did not need blues, but some always seem to come home with me.

end of 2016 fabric acquired.jpg

And here is the final accounting for the last two weeks. I am closing out this year with the purchase I made on Friday since I start on Sunday and end on Saturday. The fabrics at the bottom of the picture came from Whittles Fabrics. We made a stop there on Friday while we were passing through the area. Just some information if you planning on going there, they take cash and checks, no debit cards. I did not do as much damage as I could have because I did not have a whole lot of cash on hand. Thank goodness for small favors, lol! I am linking with Patchworktimes.

Fabric out week 5.585 yards (2 weeks)
Fabric in 31 yards (2 weeks)
Fabric out ytd: 82.091 yards
Fabric in ytd: 82.07 yards
Total  .021 yards out

That is what I call just barely staying in the positive.

I hope you have a quilty New Year!



What’s Happening 12-26-16

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a Merry Christmas yesterday. I know that this is a hard time for some people, and for you, I hope the Peace of Jesus Christ will come over you and make it an easier time for you.

I am slowly making progress toward my goals of getting quilts quilted and I am still slowly working on Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt En Provence. I have managed to get to the halfway point on all of the clues except for the first clue, which I have intentionally not worked on, and the one that came out Friday, which I have not started yet.

Here are some pictures of what is going on in my sewing room.

rogue warrior.jpeg

Here is my lone star that I put together while playing. At this point, I did not have enough of the purple triangles to make the complete square, nor did I have any other pink triangles to balance the star out so I called it my Rogue Warrior.

More pink blocks in process

More pink blocks in process

triangle square.jpeg

And last but definitely not least, my reminder to myself to line up the bottom of the triangle. I cut these with the Accuquilt go die and they seem to work best when they are lined up at the bottom of the triangle. I hated making these for so long because they would never come out right. My seam allowance was correct, but for some reason they would come out wrong. I now know that I part of the problem was that I was lining up by the top, rather than the bottom of the triangle.

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Have a Blessed Holiday!


Christmas Break Goals

I am so very thankful that at this time of the year I get two weeks off. I sat down yesterday and figured out what I wanted to get done while I was off. This is an ambitious goal and if a chance for more family time pops up, there is a chance that a bunch of this will not get completed. I know that more of it will get completed if I have a road-map of what I want to get accomplished, than if I do not have one, so here we go.

  1. Make and send QOV blocks to Dar.
  2. Finish the Fourth of July quilt.
  3. Continue working on Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt, while trying to catch up at least to half size.
  4. Quilt 10 quilts including the Fourth of July quilt. (One done)
  5. Cut out Carpenter’s Star man quilt.
  6. Cut all my scraps into usable pieces.
  7. Cut out all of the quilts I think we will need for the year.
  8. Bind as many quilts as I can, hopefully all of them.

I realize I probably will not get a bunch of this done, but it gives me a place to start to keep me on track. I quilted a quilt last night that had been on the machine for quite some time and if I had not written these goals down yesterday, I would not have gotten up and quilted it, I would have continued sewing.

I do not have a lot of preparing left for Christmas, but I do need to stir up a couple more batches of cookies. I am so thankful that all of my shopping is finished, with a little help from my friend. I am off to load another quilt on the quilting machine.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Quilty New Year!


Sunday Stash & Stitching 10/16/16

Well I thought this week there would be no slow stitching, but in the late hours last night I got a binding cut and sewn onto the first Batik Wave quilt. I will be  working on that after getting home from church this afternoon.

Ready to start binding

Ready to start binding

After too much shopping, a load of laundry and too little house cleaning, I got some more blocks of my cathedral stars finished. I think that brings me up to 10 of each block. I need 36 star blocks and 25 of the ladder blocks to make it the size that is in the pattern.

Here is my stash report

Fabric out 0.486 yards
Fabric in 0 yards
Fabric out ytd: 56.346 yards
Fabric in ytd: 51.07 yards
Total  5.276 yards out

I hope you have a quilty week!

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Happy Quilting!


Monday Happenings 10/3/16

Work has continued on the Batik Wave quilt. I took the time Saturday to lay the whole thing out to make sure that I had all of the pieces I needed to finish the quilts.

Batik Wave all laid out

Batik Wave all laid out

When I pulled out my Cathedral Stars top, I started using the Batik Wave as my leader-ender, but I need to move the Batik Wave to the front burner so I can get it up off of the floor by Saturday. It does not have to be finished, but it has to be in big enough pieces so I can pick it up and still be able to get it back together into one piece without it being turned around.

I will still work on the Cathedral Stars but it is now the leader-ender project. Here it is at this point in the making. Don’t mind the rotated block, this is not how they will end up.

Cathedral Stars

Cathedral Stars

Just for kicks, here is a picture of what was going on at work on Friday. No people or animals were harmed in the taking of this picture.


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Happy Quilting!


Whoop Whoop Friday Finish

Happy Friday everybody!!! The weather has been absolutely gorgeous if not¬†a little crazy right now, but I love it. Fall comes to visit us for a few days¬†so we get a break from the heat, and then summer comes back for a day or so, then we go back to fall. I really love the cool days and nights that we have been having, and the return to the 90’s have been missing the humidity so the 90’s¬†have been bearable.

I got the binding finished on the Leap Frog quilt, that makes the third quilt that I finished this month, and I am in line to finish one more before the month is over. After finishing that, I have one quilt that is in need of a binding and another one about to come off of the quilting machine that will need binding. Then I have 7 more quilts that I have batting pulled so I can piece the batting and get those quilted. I still have quilts ready to be quilted beyond those 7. Life is Good!


I really need to find a place to hang the quilts so I can get a better picture. This quilt is going to be a charity quilt for Quilts of Love.

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Happy Quilting! I hope you have a wonderful quilty day!


Whoop Whoop Friday

During my sitting with my DH TV time in the evenings, I have been putting the finishing touches on a couple of quilts. I managed to get a second one finished last Sunday so I am whooping about that this week. This quilt was make by my friend Missy and donated to our charity Quilts of Love. We give quilts to people in the area who are suffering from illnesses and family loss.

Missy's Jelly Roll Race

Missy’s Jelly Roll Race

I ran across a¬†Quilts of Valor block drive earlier in the week. I am going to make some blocks and send to Dar¬†for the block¬†drive. The blocks are super simple and they go together and make a beautiful quilt. If you have any desire to quickly use some stash and do something for a good cause, see Dar’s page here.

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Happy Quilting!