Stash and Stitching 2-12-17

I thought I had figured out the problem with my email and had gotten it working again, but I still am not getting comments. If you use WordPress, do not mark a comment as spam, even if it is spam. It seems that all comments start going to spam from that point on and they do not get forwarded as they should. I am working to solve the problem, and I appreciate all of your patience as I work through my email going again.

I am still plugging away on En Provence and getting further along every day. If I were to push and dedicate a week or so to sewing, I could probably have this together by next week. Maybe I will set that as a goal for myself so I can get this finished and off of my table. At this point I have five of the sixteen initial blocks together and I am making the sashing as a leader ender for the blocks. I have five more blocks that are close to being finished, I work in groups of five blocks and have most of the second group together. I have gone back and started pressing my hourglass and tri-rec blocks again using a spray bottle of water and heat. They were not laying down flat and when joining the blocks they were not going together good.

Here are my numbers, they have not changed.

Fabric out last week 0
Fabric in 0 yards
Fabric out ytd: 14.09 yards
Fabric in ytd: 0 yards
Total 14.09 yards out

My slow stitching is moving along well and I have enjoyed picking cross stitch up again. This makes me remember why I liked doing this in the first place. I have been doing some of this every night and if I had spend the time sewing on my quilt that I have spent on this, the quilt top would have been finished by now 🙂 Here is what my stitching looked like last week20170206_071014_resized.jpg

and here is what it looks like now


Today I am joining these sites as they celebrate stitching. You can see many wonderful projects being worked on these sites.

Kathy’s Quilts

Happy quilting!




8 thoughts on “Stash and Stitching 2-12-17

  1. Robin says:

    I am back into cross stitch again too. I had forgotten how much time it takes before the progress really shows up on the cloth. I am enjoying the simple rhythm, just like I used to. The basket next to the quilt is looking great!


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