Stash and Slow Stitching Sunday

I have spent the week working on the En Provence mystery quilt and I have enough parts to start putting the pieces together, but I am trying to get all of my parts completed so I can put up the fabric. I am closer than I was a couple of weeks ago, I have most of the halves of the quarter square triangles made 🙂

In addition to working on En Provence, I have been working on squaring and sewing bindings onto some of the quilts that I got quilted over my Christmas break. I ended up quilting 9 quilts and giving 2 to Missy for her to quilt. I have 10 ready for binding and I finished the binding on 1 and part of another.I have squared 5 of the 9 quilts and should be able to get those completed in the next couple of days. I am no longer caught up with my quilting, I received one from a member of Quilts of Love that is ready for quilting. I need to go ahead and get a backing found and get it loaded.

On to the stash report:

Fabric out last two weeks 5.33
Fabric in 0 yards
Fabric out ytd: 13.59 yards
Fabric in ytd: 0 yards
Total 13.59 yards out

I started working again on a cross-stitch pattern that I started years ago, I used to cross-stitch a lot before I started quilting. When I first started, I had just a small line of the white completed when I picked it up again, here is where I am now. I am making the picture on the cover of the book.


I am working on this in the evenings while watching tv and sitting with an ice pack on my hip. I have bursitis and it has reared its nasty head and I am trying to head it off at the pass.

I am linking with the following sites:

Kathy’s Quilts

Happy quilting!



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