Happy New Year and Stash Report

I hope everyone had a great start to the new year last night. We did something we have not done in a while, we actually stayed up. We started out by playing games with our DS, until he called it quits and went home. Then we stayed up and watched TV, it was rainy and foggy and we are boring, what can I say 🙂

I managed to use a little fabric over the last two weeks, but I also did some shopping. I think I did enough shopping to mitigate all of the usage that I have had this year. I filled some holes of things that I was short on and stocked up on more neutrals.

Here are my acquisitions. I did not need blues, but some always seem to come home with me.

end of 2016 fabric acquired.jpg

And here is the final accounting for the last two weeks. I am closing out this year with the purchase I made on Friday since I start on Sunday and end on Saturday. The fabrics at the bottom of the picture came from Whittles Fabrics. We made a stop there on Friday while we were passing through the area. Just some information if you planning on going there, they take cash and checks, no debit cards. I did not do as much damage as I could have because I did not have a whole lot of cash on hand. Thank goodness for small favors, lol! I am linking with Patchworktimes.

Fabric out week 5.585 yards (2 weeks)
Fabric in 31 yards (2 weeks)
Fabric out ytd: 82.091 yards
Fabric in ytd: 82.07 yards
Total  .021 yards out

That is what I call just barely staying in the positive.

I hope you have a quilty New Year!



One thought on “Happy New Year and Stash Report

  1. I love your stash numbers! Congrats on ending the year in the black. It may be slightly grayed black, but still you ended using more than you bought. Wishing you a great 2017!


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