Christmas Break Goals

I am so very thankful that at this time of the year I get two weeks off. I sat down yesterday and figured out what I wanted to get done while I was off. This is an ambitious goal and if a chance for more family time pops up, there is a chance that a bunch of this will not get completed. I know that more of it will get completed if I have a road-map of what I want to get accomplished, than if I do not have one, so here we go.

  1. Make and send QOV blocks to Dar.
  2. Finish the Fourth of July quilt.
  3. Continue working on Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt, while trying to catch up at least to half size.
  4. Quilt 10 quilts including the Fourth of July quilt. (One done)
  5. Cut out Carpenter’s Star man quilt.
  6. Cut all my scraps into usable pieces.
  7. Cut out all of the quilts I think we will need for the year.
  8. Bind as many quilts as I can, hopefully all of them.

I realize I probably will not get a bunch of this done, but it gives me a place to start to keep me on track. I quilted a quilt last night that had been on the machine for quite some time and if I had not written these goals down yesterday, I would not have gotten up and quilted it, I would have continued sewing.

I do not have a lot of preparing left for Christmas, but I do need to stir up a couple more batches of cookies. I am so thankful that all of my shopping is finished, with a little help from my friend. I am off to load another quilt on the quilting machine.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Quilty New Year!



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