What’s Up Monday

Happy Monday, I hope you had a good weekend! There is not much going on in my quilt room. I loaded a quilt yesterday and picked out the fabric to start Bonnie Hunter’s mystery. Only problem is that I didn’t cut out anything or start, but I guess that will come. I am not worried about keeping up or even catching up. If I do catch up, I catch up, if not, oh well.


Here are the fabrics that I picked out, I picked out two neutrals, but I might change my mind and do multiple neutrals. I just can’t decide but I have more small cuts of neutral fabric than large cuts. I guess I will know when I start putting them together 😉 It would sure save me some cutting to use the strips that I already have cut out.

I will be continuing on with the Bonnie’s Fourth of July quilt as I work on the mystery quilt. Maybe I have it in me to get one more to the flimsy stage before the end of the new year. That’s it for me today, I am linking up with these fabulous sites where there is an abundance of crafty goodness.

Design Wall Monday
Main Crush Monday
Monday Making

Happy Quilting!





3 thoughts on “What’s Up Monday

  1. I like your fabric picks. I went with 2 neutrals for my yardage. I like how the 4 patches came out. I won’t keep up either, but I’m hoping to catch up a bit once we get past the holiday. Have fun with the mystery.


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