UFO Update 11-22-16

I managed to get some sewing in the last few days and it has really showed. Saturday I just had the setting pieces cut out, but now I have two of the corners stitched together. I decided I would do the four corners and then do the inside just like it was a square quilt. That way I don’t have to sew two long pieces together. I do not like handling large pieces or sewing long seams. It is a challenge to me to figure out how to put the quilt together sewing the shortest seams until I get to the last seam of the quilt. It doesn’t take much to entertain me 🙂 The picture below shows how I am setting it together.


This is where I am at so far, I don’t think I am going to get this finished before Bonnie Hunter’s new mystery starts. I think I will work on that as my leader ender while I finish this quilt. I have made great progress finishing up my Bonnie Hunter quilts during this challenge and I want to thank Jo for hosting the challenge. The strip twist quilt was given away last Sunday to a person who was in great pain caused from bulging disk in his back. The pain was so severe that he is in a wheelchair right now.

Today I have to bake a cake for a birthday and I think I am going to bake some cookies for Thanksgiving also so I guess I better get to it. I am linking up with Jo’s Country Junctions’ Bonnie Hunter UFO challenge.

Happy Quilting!



2 thoughts on “UFO Update 11-22-16

  1. You’ve made really good progress. I still have one Bonnie H. quilt on the UFO list. Maybe next year I’ll get it finished. Good luck on getting this one all finished up.


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