WIP Wednesday UFO Progress

Today I am linking up with Jo’s Country Junction for finishing up of Bonnie Hunters’ patterns. Last weekend was busy, busy, busy so I have not made as much progress as I would have liked, but I have been making some steady progress on the Cathedral Stars UFO. I have been trying to get at least two or three blocks done a day, and on some good days, I have gotten five to ten blocks finished. I think that I finished all of the Jacob’s Ladder blocks last night. All that is needed now are the star blocks. I think I have about 14 or 15 of those left to finish if I make it the size called for on the pattern. I think I will finish all of the blocks then lay the blocks out and see if I want it bigger. I would also have to make some more half square triangles for the Jacob’s Ladder blocks, but I don’t know if I will have excess star points left over yet.


How are you doing on your UFO’s? I am not sure if I will get this quilt to a flimsy stage before Bonnie’s mystery starts, but I am sure giving it a try. I have another event this weekend to attend on Saturday evening and one the following Saturday morning, but hopefully I will find some time in those days to get some sewing done even if it is just 15 minutes. I can make good progress getting a block together in 15 minutes. For my 15 minutes tonight, I spent about 30 minutes laying out several blocks so they would be ready to pick up and sew.

Not a very good picture, but here was daybreak Monday morning. What caught my attention was the fog in the valleys.


Happy Quilting!



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