In My Sewing Room 10/17/16

Blocks are slowly coming together for Cathedral Stars. Maybe in another week or so, the blocks will be ready to go together. I am looking forward for this quilt becoming a flimsy, it has been so long in the making, well actually sitting in the closet. I think that I have added five additional star blocks. You can see pieces of some black and white fabrics that were also used in my Easy Street Mystery quilt. I think that it is fun to be able to look back and see where you have used the fabric in other quilts. Here are the blocks I have made this past week added to the other blocks.


I have been trying to hang with Kate who keeps up with how many days that she gets in sewing at least 15 minutes a day. I forget to post my progress most of the time, but last week I had 6 out of 7 days with 15 minutes or more of stitching time. It really adds up, so If you are trying to make better use of your time, you might want to stitch along with Kate also.

Go see what everyone else is up to at

Monday making
Main Crush Monday

Happy Quilting!



4 thoughts on “In My Sewing Room 10/17/16

  1. Love the colors in Cathedral Stars. It’s really starting to come together. Congrats on finding all the stitching time. Some weeks are more challenging than others.


  2. I agree – it is fun to look at a quilt and remember the original project a particular fabric was used in. How fun for you to be making progress on your top! I should do a better job of tracking my time. I know I get terribly stressed when I have ‘no sew’ days, so tracking those days would be very interesting. Thanks for the reminder! And thanks for linking to MCM!


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