Monday Happenings 10/3/16

Work has continued on the Batik Wave quilt. I took the time Saturday to lay the whole thing out to make sure that I had all of the pieces I needed to finish the quilts.

Batik Wave all laid out

Batik Wave all laid out

When I pulled out my Cathedral Stars top, I started using the Batik Wave as my leader-ender, but I need to move the Batik Wave to the front burner so I can get it up off of the floor by Saturday. It does not have to be finished, but it has to be in big enough pieces so I can pick it up and still be able to get it back together into one piece without it being turned around.

I will still work on the Cathedral Stars but it is now the leader-ender project. Here it is at this point in the making. Don’t mind the rotated block, this is not how they will end up.

Cathedral Stars

Cathedral Stars

Just for kicks, here is a picture of what was going on at work on Friday. No people or animals were harmed in the taking of this picture.


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Happy Quilting!



3 thoughts on “Monday Happenings 10/3/16

  1. Sherry B says:

    Could you contact me about your Quilts of Love…I’ve got a few questions & can’t seem to find your email on your blog. Thanks!


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