Slow Stitching and Stash Reporting

I managed to get all of my slow stitches completed in the Leapfrog quilt and in my Mock Trip Around The World. Here is the finished Leapfrog, you will have to come back Friday to see the Trip Quilt.


It has also been a good week for my stash. I have quilted one quilt and loaded another quilt. The backing for both quilts came from my stash so I am getting a little further in the black. Here is my stash report

Fabric out 4.5 yards
Fabric in 0 yards
Fabric out ytd: 55.86 yards
Fabric in ytd: 51.07 yards
Total  4.79 yards out

I hope you have a quilty week. I am planning on getting at least one quilt quilted and will be very happy if I could get another quilted. Now that I think about it, the second quilt probably will not happen because I need to get the Batik Wave quilt out of my floor. I am having company next Saturday and we don’t need to be trying to walk around my quilt 🙂

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Happy Quilting!




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