Slow Stitching and Stash Sunday

After a busy week at work, I thought I was going to slow down a little and relax this weekend. Things did not happen exactly as I planned yesterday, but that is what happens when you are married, sometimes your plans get changed 🙂 Yesterday I was planning on quilting a quilt, and sewing some on my Batik Waves quilt, but instead I ended up going furniture shopping. It was a very productive and needed trip so I am not unhappy about it, but it means that I only managed to get the quilting done on the Sister’s Choice quilt.

I finally managed to get out of the hole this week, but just barely. I think I finally got the numbers straightened out. I have been having a real problem with that the last few weeks!

Fabric out 2.5 yards
Fabric in 0 yards
Fabric out ytd: 55.86 yards
Fabric in ytd: 51.07 yards
Total .29 yards out

Today I am working on finishing the Leap Frog quilt. I have just two sides to go so I might manage to get it bound between church. I am looking forward to completing another quilt! I lined up nine quilts that needed to be quilted and bound, and that did not even get all of them out of the closet. I had better get busy! Here is a picture of the front of the Leap Frog quilt.

Before Binding Started

Before Binding Started

Binding Leap Frog

Binding Leap Frog

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