When does a WIP Become a UFO?

I have several quilts that I am working on but for the time being all but two have been put in a box and put in the closet. Well that got me to wondering, would they be classified as WIP’s or UFO’s. To me, I guess, once you quit working on the flimsy and put it away it becomes a UFO. But, I have also considered a UFO something that has been put up and there are not plans to work on it in the near future. I have plans to pull all of these quilts out and work on them.

I was working working on all of the quilts advancing all of them slowly. I then decided to put some of them away and concentrate on only two. One as my main project, The Sister’s Choice quilt, and one as my leader/ender project, the Tumbling blocks. I managed to get the Sister’s Choice to the flimsy stage and I am going to move on to the Batik Wave quilt. I don’t know that working this way is any faster than working some on all of them, but at least this way I have one ready to be quilted.

So what do you think, are my WIP’s officially UFO’s? Thanks for playing along with me as I contemplate the lighter things of life.

Happy Quilting!



3 thoughts on “When does a WIP Become a UFO?

  1. It seems that the definitions of UFO and WIP depends on the quilter. I decided a number of years ago that WIP were projects that had been started less than a year ago and anything started over a year ago was a UFO. The definitions work for me. I find that I’m more motivated to keep working on a project to keep it off the UFO list. That’s had the upside of not making the UFO list any longer, but the downside of not focusing on getting it shorter.


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