I Have a Plan Two

A while back I came up with a plan to get some of my UFO’s on the way to becoming finished quilts. I was getting bogged down not knowing what to work on because I was overwhelmed with all of the quilts that I had in progress. The plan was to list them all and have random number generator select a quilt for me. Well I finally got the nine patch quilt finished into a flimsy and it turned out being a Sister’s Choice quilt.

Here is my revised quilt list

  1. Small Twister – squares cut out
  2. Large Twister – not sure where I am with this project, I cannot find my rulers so the twister quilts will have to wait.
  3. Green Double Four Patch – Had blocks left over from a previous one, so this one is far along
  4. Blue Double Four Patch – Had blocks left over from a previous one, so this one is far along, but not as far as the green one
  5. Sunny Lanes – I have some squares but I am not very far along with this one
  6. Modified Blue Heaven – I have some blocks left over from Camp Gravett that I am going to use here
  7. Film at Five – I have squares but I don’t know if I have enough for this without cutting more
  8. Strip Twist – I have enough strips left over from the previous to make another
  9. Cathedral Stars – I have a few blocks made and squares for the four patches
  10. Batik Wave – I had enough left over from the first one to make another
  11. Gratitude – I have this cut out and have started sewing the 2″ squares
Random Generated Results

Random Generated Results

Here are the results from the random number generator. Looks like I will be working on the Batik Wave quilt. Hopefully this will go quicker than the last one because I have some of the parts cut out.

Happy Quilting!



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