Things I Have Learned In Quilting

Let me just start with Red is not your friend in quilting projects. I used a red sharpie to outline the lines on my Accuquilt die and after a long period of time, the color still seems to come off on certain fabric. I have since gone to silver which I have not noticed on any fabric, but just be aware that it might if you use it.


Also, I used a red marker on a white board and it did not want to come off completely. Rubbing alcohol took the remains off of the board and it is usable again. This is only part of what came off, it took three scrubbings to get it all off. 

Second pass at cleaning

Second pass at cleaning

Ah, but it is clean now. I am still working on getting the stitching removed from the quilt, but I had to take a break and try to get my quilt room in a semblance of order after tearing it apart on Friday. Hopefully the changes will be good.

Happy Quilting!



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