Fabric Happenings 7/24/16

For the fourth day in a row, it clouded up and thundered and lightened, but yesterday it finally rained. With the heat index being at 110+ all week, today’s 105 heat index doesn’t look so bad.

I managed to make some progress on a top that I am trying to finish, this past week. I have been joining Kate doing 15 minutes of sewing a day in the quilt room and used part of that time the last few weeks to get that top from nine patches to Sister’s Choice blocks to sashed blocks. I would like to say that I would have a finished top to show tomorrow, but alas, I doubt that is going to happen. My quilt room got turned upside down Friday and I am still in the process of putting it back together.

This week, I have been quilting on my mother’s EHC quilt and I made a grievous error in measuring. I cut the backing too short. Where I thought I was allowing 10″ more then the quilt top, I must have measured 10″ shorter than the quilt top. Note to self, do not try measuring for backing while taking medicine that makes you “stupid”. This is twice I have done that in recent history, maybe I need someone to come along behind me and measure. I guess I will be picking out all of my quilting on that quilt, cut a new backing and quilt it again.

I had outage for the sashing strips on the Sister’s Choice top. I count my outage as I use it because I have trouble keeping up with my useage as I use the fabric, and I think I get a more accurate usage account as I use the fabric. I do not count my precut scraps again as they are used, only yardage.

Fabric out  1.11 yards
Fabric in 0.00 yards
Fabric out ytd: 33.526 yards
Fabric in ytd: 43.21 yards
Total -9.684 yards out

Days with 15 minutes of sewing time this week: 7 out of 7 days. When doing this I have much better usage of stash and much more outage.

See all of the other stuff going on over at Patchworktimes.

Happy Quilting!



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