Finished, On the Frame and Off the Frame

Well it has been a decent week, I finished quilting one quilt, got another quilt loaded ready to quilt, and got two completely finished. First up are two baby quilts were finished last weekend. This quilt was made one of the ladies from Quilts of Love. She likes this quick and easy pattern by Mary Johnson.

Butterfly Strippie

Butterfly Strippie

Next up is a Jelly Roll Race quilt made by a different member of Quilts of Love. Both of these quilts got a nice stripped binding that amazingly matched the fabric. I bought the butterfly fabric above and the strip fabric that was used for a binding at separate times without knowing they matched. The fabric below was not provided by me and I had fabric in my stash that went with the butterfly fabric for a binding.


Racing Butterflies

This Strippie Quilt was made by a granddaughter visiting her grandmother who came to Quilts of Love. It was the first quilt she ever made and she had a blast. When she made a mistake and had to rip out some seams, she got discouraged so we made a game out of it. I said she would have to be like a frog and rip-it, rip-it. That made her laugh and kept her from getting to discouraged. It was quilted freehand with hearts, loops and flowers, the second picture is of the back showing some of the quilting. I am giving this to her and I will turn it over to her grandmother for binding.



Cats back

Cats back

Last up for today is the quilt I just loaded on the machine. I am quilting it for my mothers EHC group. They raffle it off to raise money for a scholarship for a high school student in their county. I will be able to count the backing out so that is a plus because I went on a shopping spree, damage report tomorrow.

Nine Patch

Nine Patch

That is it for me today, I hope you have a quilty weekend!



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