This Makes it All Worthwhile Design Wall

Yesterday I had the privilege of taking part in gifting quilts to the girls from our church. Their expression made all of the time and work worthwhile. They took the quilts and hugged them to their bodies and said how pretty they were.

Quilts Of Love

Quilts Of Love

When their guardian took them to carry them outside, the youngest one said mine and was told that the quilt was taken to keep it from getting dirty. She was also told that she would get the quilt back when they got in the car.

This is what is on my design floor this week. I think I have the layout I want figured out, I just need to find the material to compliment the quilt. I love having a stash because most of the time I can find fabric to finish a quilt without having to go shopping. On a different note, I hate it that Hancock’s is going out of business, now I will just have Hobby Lobby if I need fabric. There are no quilt shops in our town.

Sister's Choice

Sister’s Choice

I forgot to do my stash report yesterday so here it is. I did buy a jelly roll while on vacation.

Fabric out  .681 yards
Fabric in 2.75 yards
Fabric out ytd: 29.856 yards
Fabric in ytd: 22.75 yards
Total 7.106 yards out

I did go back a little, but I will have some backings going out for some quilts to be completed in the very near future. See what everyone else has going on @ Patchworktimes

Happy Quilting!



One thought on “This Makes it All Worthwhile Design Wall

  1. Very sweet girls. Glad they liked their quilts. Very pretty blocks. I’m in the same boat as you with Hobby Lobby being the only place close with fabric. I end up ordering a lot of the time. It hasn’t been a big deal the last two years as I’ve been on a fabric diet. I’m trying very hard to pull from the stash.


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