I just finished putting the binding on this quilt yesterday evening. I must say that I sure enjoy hand stitching the binding rather than machine stitching, but on the quilts for Quilts of Love, I am going to continue practicing my machine stitching skills so that the quilts will have more durability.

Butterfly Quilt Bound

Butterfly Quilt Bound

We have been on vacation up in the Dakota’s and the weather there was splendid. Lows in the mid 50’s and highs in the mid to upper 70’s, I could put up with that for a long time. There were posts that I had scheduled to post did not for some reason. I had a time and a date set, so I do not know what went wrong. I will experiment with that again and see if I can figure it out. I have successfully scheduled before and it posted without a hitch.

It must be time to quit because I cannot figure out how to rotate the above picture (which I have done many times) and I did this while making another binding.





I hope you have a lovely weekend and have plenty of time to quilt!



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