Stash Report 5-29-16

Good morning! Just a quick update this morning because I am going to sew for a few minutes before church. I have been in my quilt room working on cutting my scraps into usable sizes again this week. That has happened more than sewing, but some weeks are like that. I did figure out why it always seems like I am behind in the scrap  department (although I knew this before, it really soaked in this time). Every time I quilt a quilt, I have to square it up, in this process, I am cutting more scraps that have to be dealt with. Not just a small amount of scraps, but an impressive amount on every quilt, I cannot just throw that fabric away. Now on a baby (small) quilt the amount is not that bad, but when you get to the size that is use to be my normal size, that amount grows a whole lot. It is like those rabbits have been at work while I am standing there working. Oh, well, such is the life of the quilter 🙂

On to the report, I loaded another quilt on the frame so that was a good amount out.

Fabric out  2.39 yards
Fabric in 0 yards
Fabric out ytd: 24.05 yards
Fabric in ytd: 20.0 yards
Total 4.05 yards out

Still in the black but I was sorely tempted this week with all of the sales going on this week. I have not caved so far, but I still might.

I have started doing what Kate does, trying to get in at least 15 minutes of stitching every day. I achieved that goal the last two week. It really is not that hard if you put your mind to it, sometimes you have to get creative and do this first, which is what I had to do Friday and will probably have to do a bunch in the month of June.

Days with 15 minutes sewing time in the last two weeks 7

See all of the other stuff going on over at Patchworktimes.

Happy Quilting!



2 thoughts on “Stash Report 5-29-16

  1. Some days you just have to plan, organize, and kit. Other days you can just sew because you planned, cut, organized, and kitted. I learned this in my teaching – the more I prepared the better and easier the teaching was.


  2. Scraps are just one of those things that seem to become untamed so easily. I hope you find the 15 minutes useful. It does help me keep things moving.


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