I Have a Plan

Because of how I make quilts using leftover scraps, I have been sewing on many quilts at one time depending on the size and number of scraps on hand. At this point, I have several that in process. The quilts I have in process are as follows:

  1. Small Twister – squares cut out
  2. Large Twister – not sure where I am with this project, I cannot find my rulers so the twister quilts will have to wait.
  3. Tumbler – cut out and sewing has started
  4. Green Double Four Patch – Had blocks left over from a previous one, so this one is far along
  5. Blue Double Four Patch – Had blocks left over from a previous one, so this one is far along, but not as far as the green one
  6. Sunny Lanes – I have some squares but I am not very far along with this one
  7. Modified Blue Heaven – I have some blocks left over from Camp Gravett that I am going to use here
  8. Film at Five – I have squares but I don’t know if I have enough for this without cutting more
  9. Strip Twist – I have enough strips left over from the previous to make another
  10. Nine Patch – I have a few nine patches made
  11. Cathedral Stars – I have a few blocks made and squares for the four patches
  12. Batik Wave – I had enough left over from the first one to make another
  13. Gratitude – I have this cut out and have started sewing the 2″ squares

I am going to put eleven of these quilts in the random generator and choose two of these. One to be the primary and one to be the leader and ender quilt. So here we go!


Project One

Leader Ender Project

Leader Ender Project

I left off the first two because I do not know where my ruler is at this time.

If you would like to play along, grab your projects and put them in a random order and then get to work on #10. I am going to draw another one at the beginning of next month July (I just realized this month is over) so I hope to have this finished by then and have #3 well on the way. I will try to figure out my linky so you can post your projects starting next Saturday.

Happy Quilting!



2 thoughts on “I Have a Plan

  1. That’s a great way to figure out what to focus on. Doing one of the projects as a leaders and enders will help move another project along, it’s a great idea. Looking forward to seeing your projects progress.


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