Fabric Happenings

Before my mother got here Saturday I was able to get some quilting done, after she left on Sunday I was able to knock out the quilting on both of these quilts.

After I finished quilting on these quilts, I went in search of another quilt to load on the machine. I figured since I had 15 (I have since found two more) flimsys that needed quilting, it would be a simple thing to find a quilt to load on the machine. Well one thing lead to another and I was off chasing squirrels. I started out looking for flimsys and ended up finding one that was made by a 10 year old at a Quilts of Love  meeting where the tension was bad. Before I knew what I was doing, I started taking out the stitching so it could be repaired. There were two or three times during the day when someone yelled squirrel and I was off chasing a different task. Needless to say, if it had not been for finishing the quilting on those two quilts, nothing would have been accomplished over the weekend. Oh well, some days are like that 🙂

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