Two Finishes

The gluing process on quilt 3 seemed to take longer. I do not know if it was because I was more tired than I was over the weekend or if it actually took longer. Overall I am happy at the speed in which I can finish a quilt. I still need to practice more on stitching in the ditch. I made the binding on all of the quilts 2″ and I think the next time I will start with a 2.25″ binding and see if that makes it easier to stay on the binding on the back of the quilt. On quilt #4, I did not use pins and was able to get it glued quicker without as much trouble as before. I think part of the slowness of my progress is my iron is not as hot as it should be, so it was taking longer for the glue to set. I have a different iron and I will try that one next time.

Alphabet Babies Quilts

Alphabet Babies Quilts

I have started quilting on two more quilts so I will have plenty more quilts to practice binding. I counted the quilts that I had ready to quilt and the number was somewhere around 15. I see a whole bunch of binding in my future. I think this needs to be the year of getting those quilts finished.

Anybody have any experience with the durability of hand stitched binding vs machine stitched?

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One thought on “Two Finishes

  1. Congrats on the finishes. Love the colors in these two quilts. It’s amazing how much the border affects which colors you see first in each quilt. I would think that machine sewn bindings would hold up better, but I’ve not had any problems with my hand sewn bindings coming off on those quilts that see a lot of use around here.


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