Glue Basting

Over the weekend, I used the glue basting technique to finish a baby quilt. I used the directions from Craftsy. My experience was that my gluing left a lot to be desired 🙂 I had glue all over my fingers from the glue squishing out. I would guess that I used too much. I had a difficult time holding the binding in place after applying the glue while I pressed the binding. I choose to sew beside the binding on the front of the quilt and I missed the binding in a couple of places and had to go back and stitch it again. This was the same issue that I had when I was pinning and sewing the binding down by machine.

Monday evening I glued another binding down, but I tried a different method of holding the binding in place. I came up with it quite accidentally when I was trying to get my corners mitered. I used long flowerhead pins about every 1.5 to 2 inches and glued in between. I found that I could pin, then press, then remove the pin. It was time consuming using pins to hold the binding in place but I do not know if it took longer than not using the pins. I sewed on the binding this time and I like the result better, but I like the look of sewing the binding down beside the binding on the top. I know that I will get better with practice so I will just keep doing it because I think the quilt will last longer with a machine sewn binding on baby quilts. Here is the result from the second attempt. I am currently working on quilt #3.

Twinkle Stars

Twinkle Stars

Have you ever used the glue basting method? Do you sew your binding by machine or by hand or both?

Happy Quilting!




2 thoughts on “Glue Basting

  1. I did glue a binding for a donation quilt. It was fairly successful.

    I am trying to do Barbara Brackman’s hexagon sew along (not sure how long I will stick with it). I had regular white glue with me at Bee just in case I wanted to use it to hold the fabric in place. I friend warned me that if I pressed the glue it would not wash out. I thought that I had pressed the binding in place when I was gluing it (to make it dry quicker), but I don’t remember the binding being stiff after washing.

    The main problem for me when trying to sew binding by machine is that I don’t think I sew with a straight enough seam – the weight of the quilt pulls it all over the place. I think I would only do it again if I was in a hurry.


  2. Very pretty baby quilt, love all those bright colors. I machine sew to the front and then hand sew to the back. it may be a little bit slower, but I enjoy the process.


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