Piles and Frankensteined Batting

So I got tired of having piles of these hanging all around the room making me feel like I was over-run and that I was never going to reach the end of the pile…


Piles of Fabric waiting to be pressed and trimmed 

I decided that something had to give because I was feeling stressed to the max trying to get this all in order…….so, this happened


Fabric put in a big tote and box

Eventually all of this will be cut and sorted so that it can put into a quilt and eventually make use of one of these.


Frankensteined Batting

Because if you make enough quilts you will also have scraps of batting. At least I can say that all of my batting scraps are organized, labeled and put in a spreadsheet so I know what size I have and can use them. I also have a spreadsheet for large pieces of backing fabric that I have made so I can make use of those leftovers too.

Tomorrow is Friday, and right now I am dreaming of a quilty weekend! One can always hope!

Happy Quilting!




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