Binding Blitz

There is a binding blitz going on over at JulieK’s, you should go check out what is being finished over there! I got my Island Chain quilt finished and I am happy to have one crossed off of my list of quilts that need finishing.

Finished Island Chain

Finished Island Chain

I should have had a lot more quilts finished for this binding blitz, after all I had three months, but alas, I just have this one. I have several quilts quilted and bindings made for them but my DH decided to help me get ready for our move. In that process, he packed my package containing the binding strips. I should have taken the last couple of months and gotten the binding attached to the quilt, they could not have been separated if I had done so 🙂

I hope you are having a good week, for me today is hump day!

Happy Quilting!



2 thoughts on “Binding Blitz

  1. Hopefully you’ll be able to find it all later and can whip out those finishes. In one of your posts you said your house should be done in about 6 weeks. So are moving just before Christmas?


  2. Faye Marton says:

    Our Quilt group, Patchwork Pals are working on an Island Chain. The pattern in Kim Brackett’s book is only a lap size with no instructions on how to make it bigger. I see you have made it bigger, I am a bit confused as to how to add more “chain” to it. We are just in the cutting stage, so I need to know how many pieces to cut. Please help!


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