It is Finished Design Wall!

I finished my Island Chain Quilt on Tuesday morning. On Tuesday afternoon, I took the quilt to my mother to go into the quilt show they have where she lives so I didn’t even have time to enjoy it 🙂 It will be coming back home on Tuesday so all will be well.

Finished Island Chain

Finished Island Chain

I managed to find some fabric that my darling husband had missed when he was packing my fabric. It was some black that I had set aside to wash to use in a new quilt, so I might actually have outage for next week. I just have to find time between work and packing. Oh, yeah, I forgot the company coming on Tuesday too.

There are many great designs being shown over at Patchworktimes, be sure to stop in and see them.

Happy Quilting!



4 thoughts on “It is Finished Design Wall!

  1. Gorgeous finish! Your husband must be a very brave man. My Guy wouldn’t touch my fabric, mainly I think because there’s so much of it he wouldn’t know where to start.


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