I’m Confused Stash Report 10-4-15

Well I am in a state of confusion. I thought I had cut some fabric this week, but when I look at my spreadsheet, it says that I counted the cream borders for Island chain last week. So I am going to have to say that I have no outage this week. I will have some next week though.

Saturday Missy and I got together and found a spot to lay out Island Chain. I had made some borders based on what we had decided would look good. I wanted to see the quilt laid out before I sewed the border together and, more importantly, sewed onto the quilt. I have always heard about a border seeming heavy or drawing the eye to the border and away from the quilt. That is what this border did. It was a nice layout, but completely distracting from the quilt. We played around some more and ended up with this.

Island Chain Border

Island Chain Border

This is an example of a 1″ color border and a 4-5″ cream border. That is what I am going with unless I change my mind again. I do know that this border does not draw the eye from the quilt and that is a plus. What do you think about this border?

See how are others are doing at using their stash over at Patchworktimes.

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Happy Quilting!



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