More Quilting Pictures

There has been quite a bit of quilting going on here in the last few weeks. I figure I have one more week before my quilt machine gets taken down and then I will be without for at least a month and possible more. All my quilting has gone on after work, I have not been getting anything done on the weekend lately. Last Saturday, we ran wires for tv and internet in the house.

Missy came over yesterday and she got a couple of rows quilted on her quilt. I hope to get Missy’s quilt off of the frames and would like to get a couple more of the bigger quilts quilted before we take the machine down. The machine resides in the living room and we need to get it moved out before trying to sell our house.

I have been at kind of a stand still on piecing because I do not have a quilt cut out. But just writing that down reminds me that there is one in my sewing room that needs to be put together, so I do have something to work on!

Here is a picture of another baby quilt that was created by someone else and has been quilted by me. It is going to be stuck back for Quilts of Love for the time when we need a baby quilt.

hidden star

Hidden star

I hope you had a great Saturday! Happy Quilting!



One thought on “More Quilting Pictures

  1. Hope you get some time to quilt before you have to take your long arm down. It’s hard to sew when you have a house on the market. Hopefully it will sell quickly.


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