Cheerleader Quilt Ready For Borders

Well I came home yesterday and ignored everything (well not my DH), and started working on sewing the Cheerleader Quilt together. We were fed well during lunch and so I was not hungry when I got home so I was able to sew for a good while. The quilt is going to end up being about 50″ by 60″. I think that will be a good size for a 4yo.

Ready for borders

Ready for borders

We have two more days of training for our student workers, then the freshmen move in next Tuesday. I do not know how it works at other colleges, but the freshmen move in ahead of the other then they go on an orientation trip for about four days. It is suppose to give them time to meet and get to know each other before being thrown into the stress of being in a new environment, and hopefully it gives them a peer support system. The following week, the upper class-men move in. Hopefully after that, everything will start to return to normal at work.

Have a Blessed week!



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