Saturday Happenings

Today I hope to work on the cheerleader quilt and to get some done on the Carpenter’s Star quilt, but I have a question. Roughly how big would you make a donation quilt for a 4 year old. Would you make it twin sized or would you make it smaller? Here is what I have so far, and I don’t know how much more fabric I have but I know that I am out of the pink. At this size it is 9X9 but I really do not want a square quilt.

Cheerleader Quilt

Cheerleader Quilt

I don’t know where all of these crazy weeks keep coming from, but hopefully my life will get back to its old boring self before long, I am ready for the crazy to stop, but it will be at least two to three more weeks before the crazy stops. Next week our students come back for training (it seems like they just left). On the 18th, the freshmen move in, and the following week the rest of the students come back.

Thursday my DH had to have a couple of skin cancers removed, and here is the result. He had one on his ear that was so big, he had to have a plastic surgeon do a skin graft. The head gear is to hold down the ear so the graft can get a good blood supply.



They have started putting up the steel on the house and it is looking good. I can’t wait to move in because I will be able to move all of my quilting stuff into one room instead of working in three to four rooms plus the hallway.

New House

New House

I hope you have a Blessed, quilty day!



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