Fabric Happenings 8-2-15

Wow, it is August already, how did that happen? I hope you have had time to dig into your stash and use some of it up. I have a little outage to report this week, and that makes me happy 🙂

I started cutting out a Carpenter Star based on this pattern. It will sew up quickly and will replenish one of the several quilts that have been given away in the last couple of weeks. The decision was also made to make one of our Quilts of Love quilts bigger, so it is going from being a crib size to being a large child size. That required cutting out some more fabric also. Between those two items, I used a little fabric. Here is a picture of that quilt just starting the process of making it bigger.

Cheerleader Quilt

Cheerleader Quilt

I also ripped out the same square on my Island Chain that I had ripped out a week or so ago because I had it turned wrong. Hopefully that will be fixed correctly today!

Here are my numbers. I might accidentally get to 100 yards used if I don’t purchase any more this year.

Fabric out week 3.138 yards
Fabric in 0 yards
Fabric out ytd: 79.42 yards
Fabric in ytd: 27.5 yards
Total 51.92 yards out

See Patchworktimes for additional stash reports.

Thanks for visiting and happy quilting!



5 thoughts on “Fabric Happenings 8-2-15

  1. I love the Carpenter’s Star pattern. That makes up great for QOV too with a few more borders to make it bigger. Your numbers for the stash report are looking really good. Keep it up!


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