Island Chain

I had my Island Chain quilt out thinking about borders, then as I was folding it back up, I looked down and saw a boo-boo. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing because I thought I had found and fixed all of the mistakes. I started looking closer and I was sure that I still had a block turned wrong. I sat down at the computer and googled the Island Chain quilt image and sure enough, I had one turned wrong. As I looked closer, (you are never going to believe this) I realized that I had “fixed” this exact same mistake once already (shrug). Soooo, I guess I will be ripping this block out and “fixing” it again. The pink block is supposed to make two “L” shapes. Making this quilt was much easier when I realized that all of the blocks make an “L” shape except for the block in the corner.

Houston we have a problem

Houston we have a problem

Today was Quilts of Love and we got a little accomplished. We decided to make one quilt we were already working on a little bigger, so rather than a crib size quilt it will end up being roughly a twin size. I had to cut some more to enlarge the quilt, so I will have a little outage to report tomorrow in my stash report! Yay!

On the getting our current house ready to sell front, we refinished the deck tonight. I wonder what took us so long, because it looks real nice. It is still wet in this picture, so it looks a little streaked. It was very hot out, but tolerable in the shade.

Deck refinished

Deck refinished

I am linking up with A Quilting Reader’s Garden wips-be-gone. Head on over there to see what else is going on with other quilters.

Happy Quilting!



4 thoughts on “Island Chain

  1. anudge says:

    I’ve done that – fxed a mistake twice – hehe. I’ve got to make that sign that says Measure twice and add to it Check two, too. Island chain is going to be so nice. Your deck looks inviiting. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone. See you next week, Terry.


  2. Faye Marton says:

    I contacted you a couple of months ago maybe, and now I am very close to finishing my Island Chain. You told me you just kept adding links until you had it the size you wanted….well…I totally understand that NOW! I printed a picture of your quilt and if it had not been for that picture I don’t know if I would have ever gotten the corners right. I kept turning and turning that picture until I figured out each corner. It is the BEST JIG SAW PUZZLE I have ever worked!
    I will send a picture of it as soon as I add another 34 links, 17 to each side. Thank you for giving me the encouragement I needed to “just go for it”. I love my quilt, I have made it an oversized King to hang down over the side of my bed to the bedskirt, I can tuck my pillows instead of pillow shams if I want. Thank you so very much.


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