A Little More Quilting

Thank goodness it is Friday, the days and weeks keep speeding by. I attended my uncles funeral on Tuesday, and Wednesday through Friday seemed to last forever. I guess it was the two Mondays in one week that made it so long.

I figure I am about half way finished with quilting on my mothers quilt. I continue to stick hearts in among the loops and I am getting to where I do not have to stop and think about what I am doing. I should get this quilt finished this weekend, and I will be happy to get this one finished and another quilt on the frames. I have several quilts that need to be quilted and finished.

The beginnings of sorting, packing and cleaning has started at the house in anticipation of being able to move some of our stuff to the new house, and putting this house on the market. We are not building a conventional house so it will not take as long to get completed as most stick built homes. We are putting up a metal building, with MIL quarters for our son. He is a truck driver and is not home much so we decided to make separate quarters for him when he is home. It will be available for my parents to use when they are here for dad’s doctor’s appointments too. It is not the conventional way of doing things, but it works for our family.

Ready for concrete

Ready for concrete

I hope to get a Strippie quilt or two cut out tonight, just to make sure that everyone will have something to do if they show up.

Thanks for visiting! Have a Blessed day!



2 thoughts on “A Little More Quilting

  1. anudge says:

    If I were building a house, I would do something like you. We have guests and family coming by and it would be nice to have a place just for them. Look forward to seeing your mom’s quilt. Thanks for sharing, Terry.


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