Saturday Happenings

Not much going on around here quilting wise, but I hope that will change in a few hours. I have laundry going so I can have clean sheets, I cleaned up some in our bathroom, but I need to finish that before quilting. I also mowed the front yard because it was getting out of hand. The showers/rain we have had so late into the summer this year has really kept everything green and growing. My tomato plants are just about dead because of too much rain, but they are struggling along. Now it is just hot and if we have rain, it is just pop up type shower like we had earlier in the week.

I would like to get at least a couple of rows quilted on the quilt that is on the frame and get at least one quilt cut out today. That is a tall order, but hopefully I will make progress on both. I am going to continue to clean in between bouts of working on my quilting.

Since I have nothing quilty to share as far as pictures, I will leave you with this.

Have a Blessed day and happy quilting!



One thought on “Saturday Happenings

  1. My Guy mowed Wednesday night and he said the grass was pretty thick. He had forgotten in had rained the week before. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to get in some stitching time.


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