Yippee! Island Chain is Almost a Flimsy

After a very grueling week, I am thrilled to say Happy Friday! I was in a class this past week and it was a great class. The only problem was that it was an 8 hour class with lab after the class was over, and to make things worse, I had problems (through no fault of my own) the first day which made me behind the rest of the week. Enough about that!

The good news is I am down to one seam to be finished with the interior of the quilt. Well I guess I should say I have that seam and then I am going to put the corner triangles on the top. Then I will have a flimsy.

Here is the quilt I am making, it by Kim Brackett in the book Scrap-Basket Sensations.

Middle quilt

Middle quilt

Happy quilting!



One thought on “Yippee! Island Chain is Almost a Flimsy

  1. Glad the class was worthwhile, that’s a lot of time to spend in a class if it’s not. Looking forward to seeing your Island Chain all finished.


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