A Little More Quilting

Thank goodness it is Friday, the days and weeks keep speeding by. I attended my uncles funeral on Tuesday, and Wednesday through Friday seemed to last forever. I guess it was the two Mondays in one week that made it so long.

I figure I am about half way finished with quilting on my mothers quilt. I continue to stick hearts in among the loops and I am getting to where I do not have to stop and think about what I am doing. I should get this quilt finished this weekend, and I will be happy to get this one finished and another quilt on the frames. I have several quilts that need to be quilted and finished.

The beginnings of sorting, packing and cleaning has started at the house in anticipation of being able to move some of our stuff to the new house, and putting this house on the market. We are not building a conventional house so it will not take as long to get completed as most stick built homes. We are putting up a metal building, with MIL quarters for our son. He is a truck driver and is not home much so we decided to make separate quarters for him when he is home. It will be available for my parents to use when they are here for dad’s doctor’s appointments too. It is not the conventional way of doing things, but it works for our family.

Ready for concrete

Ready for concrete

I hope to get a Strippie quilt or two cut out tonight, just to make sure that everyone will have something to do if they show up.

Thanks for visiting! Have a Blessed day!



A Choice Has Been Made

I decided on the quilt I wanted to make using three or four fabrics. I decided to make the Carpenter’s Star quilt using the directions from MaryQuilts. This is a quilt for Quilts of Love and is going to a girl who is being adopted by a couple in the church who are relatives. Her favorite color is purple so I am using purple and pink for the quilt. Here is a pic of the fabrics that I am using to make this quilt. I am just going to use three fabrics rather than making a scrappy quilt.

Focus Fabric

Focus Fabric

All the fabrics

All the fabrics

This is some throwback fabric, I was hoping the selvage had a date on it. The color is more accurate in the focus fabric picture. I also checked the kits for Quilts of Love to make sure that we will have enough stuff to work on for everyone who shows up to work.

Happy Quilting!


Quilting has Commenced

I started quilting on my mom’s quilt tonight and got a row and a half finished before the thread broke. That is when I called it quits for tonight. I discovered there were two reasons that I was procrastinating. One, I needed to change the needle and after I change the needle, I have problems with thread breakage. Two, the design my mother wanted quilted is a very boring design to me. She wants loops and after quilting about a half of a row, I decided to add some hearts in among the loops and I feel better about the quilting now.

I need to start cutting out a couple of quilts because Quilts of Love is this weekend and I need to make sure that there is plenty of kits.

I hope you have a quilty week.


Fabric Happenings, Or Should I Say Non-happenings 7-26-15

Well, there has been absolutely no movement in my fabric. That is a good thing as far as stuff coming in, but not so good for stuff going out. I was planning on quilting some yesterday, but that did not happen either.

We are starting the process of building a new house and I am starting the process of cleaning up and out before packing. I would like to get my backlog of quilts quilted, but just am not feeling it for the one on the machine. I need to power through and get-r-done.

I am on the lookout for a fairly simple quilt pattern for a 3-4 color quilt with one of the colors playing the primary color. This will be for a couple of girls who are being adopted by someone in our church. If you have any suggestions I would be delighted to hear them. The fabric I have in mind is not a big showy print and it seems like all the patterns today have a big square for a focal fabric.

See the other stash reports over at Patchworktimes.

Happy quilting!


Saturday Happenings

Not much going on around here quilting wise, but I hope that will change in a few hours. I have laundry going so I can have clean sheets, I cleaned up some in our bathroom, but I need to finish that before quilting. I also mowed the front yard because it was getting out of hand. The showers/rain we have had so late into the summer this year has really kept everything green and growing. My tomato plants are just about dead because of too much rain, but they are struggling along. Now it is just hot and if we have rain, it is just pop up type shower like we had earlier in the week.

I would like to get at least a couple of rows quilted on the quilt that is on the frame and get at least one quilt cut out today. That is a tall order, but hopefully I will make progress on both. I am going to continue to clean in between bouts of working on my quilting.

Since I have nothing quilty to share as far as pictures, I will leave you with this.

Have a Blessed day and happy quilting!


Catching up With Quilting

Just a quick note to say Hello, I hope you are having a good week! Today is the last day of my work for Vacation Bible School and then I should be back to regularly scheduled programming for just a bit. The first week of August my husband is having minor surgery and the following week, my parents are coming for his doctor’s appointment.

My foot seems to be on the upward swing so I am going to take advantage of that and try to get caught up with my quilting. On the machine I have one for my mother, and I hope to have it finished before they come down the second week of August. Here is a pic of the quilt. It is called Lickety Split and is found in The Simple Joys of Quilting.

Lickety Split Quilt

Lickety Split Quilt

I hope you have a Blessed rest of your week.


What I Am Working On 7-20-15

Fresh off of the design wall for border application is Island Chain. I do not know what I am going to do for borders yet but I would like the quilt to be bigger. Right now it is 80″ square. I do not want to distract from the design so I am pondering whether to add just yardage borders or a pieced border. What do you think?


Island Chain

That is it for me today. See fabulous design walls over @ Patchworktimes.

Have a Blessed day!