Design Wall Monday 6/29/15

Hooray! Island Chain is all laid out the the sewing of the blocks together has commenced! i am so happy with how this is looking and so grateful that Lori @ Dakota City Quilter had done the hard work for me. I was sewing pieces together and laying them back out so I probably got some pieces turned as I was laying them back out. It is hard to keep up with the direction of the blocks without consulting the book. I will consult the book again before sewing any more pieces together.

All laid out

All laid out

I took a little bit of a break for reading a couple of books or I would have been further along with this project. It is okay because they were great books. I put two on hold at the library expecting a long wait on one of them, but I was pleasantly surprised when I went to pick up the one that I received notification on, they were both there.

See more design wall happenings over at Patchworktimes.

Happy quilting!



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