Inching Forward

Well slowly but surely, I am making forward movement on Island Chains. It would help if I had been home either of the last two weekends, but sometimes life happens. I had a good time both weekends, so no regrets.

My Island Chains kinda of got a little wonky, I cannot draw, write, or evidently lay a straight line to save my life. So I ended up at one corner having no room for one set of blocks. I worked across the top, partially down the right side, partially down the left side, and then across the bottom. That was when I discovered that I got off on the outside row on the right (last) side. This quilt is laid out from the outside in and the middle was not fitting like it was supposed to fit.

I had the quilt laid out on the floor and it is looking pretty good, (except the middle section) but I forgot to take a picture until after it was picked up off of the floor. So my picture is of the middle and the messed up section on the right.

Center of Island Chain

Center of Island Chain

Island Chains Layout

Island Chains layout before adding additional pieces

See the beautiful quilts in process on the Patchworktimes link-up.

Happy quilting!



2 thoughts on “Inching Forward

  1. Great top! I’ve seen that pattern (I might even have the book) and love how it looks. Hope you’ve been able to get all your chains straightened out before you need the help of the seam ripper to do so.


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