I Have a Confession To Make

I know that the general rule of thought is that you should not use steam on a quilt, but I do. When I do not use steam, I cannot get the seams to lay down enough to feel like I will not create a fold in the fabric. I know the main problem is the irons do not get hot enough, but there is nothing I can do about that.

What are your thinking on using steam? Do you use steam when you make a quilt?

Happy quilting!



4 thoughts on “I Have a Confession To Make

  1. Go ahead and use steam, and don’t feel guilty about it. I have never heard that rule, and I’ve been quilting (mostly successfully!) for 11 years. I use steam all the time.

    And … as long as we’re talking, don’t worry too much about anyone else’s quilting rules. It’s like parenting. Other people may have good advice, or can tell you what works for them. But ultimately you have to make your own decisions and learn from them. Then either do the same thing again or change course depending on results.


  2. I think it depends on when and how you use it. I noticed that when I used steam on HSTs the fabric would get all distorted and my HSTs were no longer straight. So I don’t generally steam. But I use it if I can’t get the fabric pressed enough to my liking or if there’s already water in the iron. 🙂 I’m too lazy to dump it out. I say – if it works for you do it until it doesn’t work or you find something better.


  3. I use steam, but I try to press and not iron. I have also tried the Sally Collins method of pressing, then weighting till it cools. Mine didn’t get as flat as hers did. Maybe I need to heat the iron more–so far have used “cotton” setting.


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