Well Not as Bad as I Thought

Sometimes a little time and space helps you get our perspective. That is what happened to me. After looking at this quilt again and writing about it on my lunch hour, I decided it might not be wrong after all. I looked at the book and thought the layout was right but, I decided I needed to lay the quilt out on the floor and look at the quilt as a whole rather than one little section. After doing this, I discovered it was laid out correctly after all. You can imagine the little happy dance that I did knowing that I would not have to backtrack!

I have to make the pieces for the inner section and then I should be good to go to get the quilt sewn together. I am looking forward to seeing this quilt come together. Here is a picture of the progress so far, if you see anything that needs to be moved color wise, please feel free to let me know. I have already moved some of the green closed to you in the picture.

Island Chains Layout

Island Chains Layout

Happy quilting!



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