Still Chugging Along

I finally finished the quilting on the Double 4 Patch quilt. It seemed like every row took forever because the pantograph that I used was quite detailed.

Quilting done on Double 4 Patch

Quilting done on Double 4 Patch

Close-up of quilting on Double 4 Patch

Close-up of quilting on Double 4 Patch

I have the binding sewn together but not pressed. I thought I was about to have to break down and buy fabric because I did not have enough of the border for the binding. Lets not talk about how old the fabric is that is on the border, there was no way I was going to find more of that fabric. I went searching through my blues because I did not want a light fabric for the binding, nor did I want the backing fabric for the binding because it was lighter also. The border fabric is an unusual color of blue and I was having a hard time getting something close to that color. I found two blue pieces that I though would work but both were short on the amount needed. I measured one and it had around 15.5 inches, but I knew where I bought the fabric, and had already searched to see if it was still available. First, though, let’s search through my fabric bins (my DH helped). Finally I came up with a 2 inch strip of fabric and I believe that will do. My strips were cut 2.25 inches and I only needed a small strip according to my calculations. Time will tell 🙂

I am praying for my neighbors to the west. They surely needed rain, but I do not think they needed it all at one time. We are still getting rain, but it has slacked off tremendously.

Happy quilting!



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