Tomato Plants

Well I guess better late than never, we got tomato plants. We have a very small raised bed that we fixed up last year for tomatoes. For us summer is just better with tomatoes. I always get two cherry tomato plants regardless of how many plants I get in total. Cherry tomatoes are my favorite because you just pick them and eat them, no slicing. My favorite plant is the Super Sweet 100, it puts out hundreds of tomatoes per plant and they really are super sweet.

The other two plants I got were Parks Whopper and the Big Boy. The Parks Whopper is my experimental tomato plant because I have never planted it before. I got it because they are a quick maturing plant while the Big Boy said it lasted until frost.

I was just doing some reading on the Parks Whopper and they said that the plant lasted until frost also, so hopefully I will have plenty of tomatoes all summer. I might go back and get an Early Girl because the put on tomatoes very quickly.

I hope you have a great day! One of our former student workers came back to visit yesterday (all the way from Rwanda) and made my day.

Happy quilting!

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.  Franklin D. Roosevelt

This one is appropriate to quilters



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