What Type of Ruler?

I have several rulers that I use on a very regular basis. One of the rulers is the Shape Cut Pro by June Taylor which is a very large 2.5 inch strip cutter. It is 20 inches by 23 inches and comes in very handy if you are cutting a lot of pieces that are 2.5 inches. On the quilt that I am currently working on, I needed a bunch (this is a technical term) of 2.5 inch squares. I used this ruler to cut 8 strips at a time. After getting these strips cut, I turned the strips around and used the ruler to cut the strips into squares. I stacked 2 to three strips on top of each other and made quick work out of cutting those squares.

Shape Cut Pro Image from Joann's

Shape Cut Pro Image from Joann’s

A second ruler I use is the Shape Cut Slotted Ruler by June Taylor. This ruler also lets you make quick work of cutting multiple strips of different sizes. I used this ruler for cutting strips of a different size for my quilt. You have to be careful when using these rulers, just like with others, because they will slip easily due to the size of the ruler.

Shape Cut  Image from Joann's

Shape Cut
Image from Joann’s

I also use an Omnigrip ruler that is 8.5 inches by 24 inches. This ruler is great for cutting wide pieces that are more than 6 inches wide. I have a 6 inch ruler that I used all of the time until I got the 8.5 inch ruler. I liked it so much that I quit using the 6 inch ruler and started using the 8.5 inch ruler all of the time. I think it is much easier to see the lines on the neon colored ruler for me.

8.5 Omnigrip Ruler

8.5 Omnigrip Ruler

I am always interested in different rulers. What type of ruler do you use? How do you like it?

I hope you have a great evening! I am going to go sew!



3 thoughts on “What Type of Ruler?

  1. I have a 15 inch square that I really like for cutting strips. It has the great neon colors. I still use my 6X24 inch a lot, and I have a little 6X12 1/2 inch for smaller things. My very favorite, however, is a 60 inch metal ruler for trimming quilt tops. One has to be careful with the angle of the rotary cutter so as not to dull the blade, but I have really not had that problem as long as I keep my blade straight up and down. I do have a metal L-shaped ruler for squaring corners, it is pretty good, too.


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