Design Wall 5/18/15

Well it is Monday and besides going to work, lots of people are showing off what is on their Design Wall over at Patchworktimes. You can see a whole bunch of eye candy there and find a new project to start, whether you need one or not 😉

I got a little bit of a start on Island Chain by Kim Brackett but I did not get much sewing done. Here is what I got put together. I had a little bit of a problem making sure that I had the pieces laid out in the right order.

Island Chain

A few blocks done

This is not the way the quilt is going to go together, I just put them this way on the wall because I was trying to keep the colors together. I am looking forward to getting this one together to see how it looks.

If you are fluent in rain dance, please send the rain from Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas to the west where they need the rain, rain and more rain. We are very well saturated in Arkansas! I hope you have a good week!

Happy quilting!



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