The What If Game

I used to play a game called the “what if” game. I would buy fabric in 2-3 yards quantity (or more) because I use to make 2 and 3 color quilts and it took a lot of yardage of the same fabric if that was all that was used in a quilt. Now I use multiple colors and scraps, but I still have the I need to buy 2-3 yards gene. Sometimes I can fight it off but at other times, I succumb to the purchase. This is where the “what if” game comes into play. I rarely make 2 and 3 color quilts anymore but I have a problem using a piece of the fabric that I bought and like if I am not using all of the fabric. If I use five inches off of this fabric, I might not have enough fabric for a large quilt in three colors. “What if” I am five inches short to have enough to make the quilt in the size I want.

This is something that I learned from my mother. She would say well I do not want to use a piece off of that fabric because I might not have enough fabric if I decide to make a quilt out of that fabric. So as I cut off five inches off of my yard or two yards of fabric, I really have to fight the “what if” syndrome and just do it. I remind myself that my quilting style has changed and I probably will not use the full piece of fabric in one quilt.

Am I the only one that suffers from this disease? Please tell me that I am not alone.

Thanks for visiting! I cannot leave you without a little quilty inspiration. This quilt was made by my mother and given to me.

moms quilt

I do not know the name of the pattern



2 thoughts on “The What If Game

  1. tlwspoon says:

    Oh I have it too!! Only I have it in the 3 to 5 yd blues. As a result my style has changed as of late and I am making more 2 and 3 color quilts and I was always afraid I wouldn’t have enough for a back but now I don’t worry and make those out of pieces to be scrappy.

    I still love more color in a quilt but with a sick husband I am trying to get a top made quicker so I can hand quilt it while in the living room with him. Which of course meant I had to search for more big block pattern ideas.

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  2. I don’t usually delve into my stash for strips, I’ve learned to buy fat quarters or sale 1 yard pieces more recently for the scrappy quilts I seem to make more of these days. I used to have problems using any fat quarter I hadn’t already used. I got over that last year.


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