How Do You Leader & Ender Quilts?

Do you use leaders and enders while making a quilt top? If so, do you feed them in after every patch or after every group of patches are finished? Do you do like I do and use what I am working on as the leader and ender for the project until you have to have something else? I work on putting the blocks together as leaders and enders while I am in the process of making the blocks. This is something that I have done while quilting since I can remember to speed up the quilt making process.

I was so excited when I saw Bonnie’s way of doing leaders and enders and I thought I would incorporate that into how I make a quilt. Well I have partially but not totally. I still use what I am working on until my project gets to where there are no parts left to use and then I will use a leader and ender in the typical fashion that everyone else does. I find it interesting to see how others make there quilt tops and I am just reflecting on how I make mine. I am not trying to say that my way is better, lest anyone think that. I think that leaders and enders have tremendously speeded up the piecing process.

Happy Quilting!



One thought on “How Do You Leader & Ender Quilts?

  1. I usually have a dedicated leaders and enders project. Usually it’s an UFO that I’m trying to finish, something that I find tedious to make all at once. I add an “ender” at the end of whatever I’m chain piecing. It’s not fast, but I’ve finished some projects that I would have gotten frustrated with if I had to make them all at once.


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