Avignon Picnic Awaits Borders

Well it is all ready for borders! I had a little time during lunch yesterday so I got everything ready to sew together and got it down to three pieces left before having to go back to work. My company left yesterday evening but I was too wipe out to finish. This morning I got up and finished putting the pieces together before my DH rolled out of bed.

I got a picture after the wind stilled just a little but I had cut off the bottom of the quilt, so this will have to suffice. I do not know what to do to my picture to make the colors show up better, this was taken outside, but it was overcast. The colors are more vivid in person.

Avignon Picnic before borders

Avignon Picnic before borders

While I was cutting the white inner border, I was contemplating how people go about measuring for borders. Do you measure in three places and then take the average of those measurements, or do you do like Bonnie Hunter recommends and lay your top out on a flat surface and then lay your border down on top of that and then cut? That was how I used to do it but then my borders started turning out wavy. I am sure that I was doing something wrong like my quilt was not square to start with. I now measure to make sure that the sides are roughly the same size before I use Bonnie’s method. I am a book taught quilter so how other people do things interest me.

Happy quilting!



One thought on “Avignon Picnic Awaits Borders

  1. Congrats on getting Avignon Picnic to the mostly finished flimsy stage.

    I measure down the middle of my quilt and use that measurement to cut my borders. It’s worked well for me through the years.


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